Smart growth group supports four candidates in city election

Mayoral candidates Sid Sullivan and Jerry Wade, Fourth Ward candidate Tracy Greever-Rice and Third Ward candidate Karl Skala received support from the Boone County Smart Growth Coalition. Ben Londeree, chair of the group, said the group endorsed these candidates because it felt they supported smart growth principles over other kinds of development.

“Of course, you never know ahead of time how they’re going to vote,” Londeree said.  “But based on what we know about them we think they would probably support smart growth principles more than their opponents would.”

The group discussed the candidates at a meeting, but because of poor attendance didn’t take a vote. Londeree said members had the opportunity to vote over email and 11 or 12 people responded. The group has less than 15 members, he added.

Wade and Greever-Rice each attended a Boone County Smart Growth Coalition meeting; Sullivan and Skala are members of the group.  Sullivan did not participate in the e-mail survey; Skala did participate but did not comment on the Third Ward race, Londeree said.

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