Columbia Transit to Tweak Routes, Expand by Start of School

John Glascock head of Columbia Public Works early Saturday morning at the Columbia City Council’s annual retreat proposed a series of route changes, extensions and additions to expand service to more employers.

“All I need is 20 new buses,” joked Glascock.

Most notably this includes adding service to LeMone Industrial Blvd, service to Forum Blvd and making the Saturday schedule mirror the weekday schedule. The changes will cost an additional $67,000, but Glascock is hopeful that advertising revenue will overshoot expectations and help fund the changes.

City Manager Bill Watkins believes that the $67,000 will be taken care of by additional riders. $67,000 is only a few hundred additional riders a day said Watkins.

“I believe with better service, maybe not the first year, but in a year or two we’ll get there,” said Watkins.

Glascock hopes to get the system revamp done by the time classes start in the fall.

UPDATE: View the Proposed Route Maps from City of Columbia Public Works Department Documents


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