Dedicated voters back for another election

For years and years, they’ve always cast their vote.

“Every time there’s a vote, I try to be there,” Billye Adams said. “(I’ve been voting) since I was 18 and I’m 78, so for 60 years.”

G.R. Westwood has voted nearly that long.

“I’m 74, and I’ve never missed voting, least not that I can recall,” G.R. Westwood said.

Westwood brought his grandchildren, Katherine and Matthew, with him to vote at the Columbia Public Library Tuesday afternoon. The pair walked out with “I voted” stickers that matched their grandfather’s.

Kristin Bowen, 42, brought her son Henry with her. Bower said she usually brings one or both of her sons to the polls because she wants them to understand the voting process.

“We vote every election,” Bowen said. “Today was our first time voting with the touch screen machine. It’s a little clunky, but it’s good that they have it.”


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