Election officials pleased with new electronic registration system

At the Ashland Senior Center this morning, election officials said the new electronic voter sign-in system was a welcome change from the thick paper rosters historically used to sign-in voters at polling places.

For the first time, Boone County is using a combination of laptops and scanners to expedite the processing of voters at polling stations.

Voters who kept a paper mailing and brought it to the polls handed that paper over to be scanned and were automatically identified and signed in by a computer. Election officials then asked the voter to verbally verify their name, and a label printer printed out a voting ticket to receive a ballot.

“The speed of these (electronic polling books) is great,” said election official Linda Easley, the on-site supervisor at the senior center.

Easley said the system was very intuitive to use and that there had been no problems thus far.

“We were trained by Wendy Noren’s office — about six hours but it felt more like 12,” she said.

Easley said there was about a 50/50 split of people who brought polling place notifications to scan versus those using traditional method of checking picture ID.

“It’s smoother than the past. Very nice,” she said.

By 11:45 a.m., 211 voters had cast their ballots at the site, a turnout Easley said was “very similar” to past primaries she has worked.


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