Riding to vote, fighting the heat

Dennis Scroggins rides in style, but is thankful he can ride at all.

Scroggins thought he might never drive a motorcycle again after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003. He and his wife had just purchased an oversized, golden yellow Honda Goldwing three-wheeler.

Fully recovered and riding again, Scroggins was upbeat as he removed his matching yellow helmet before heading to vote this afternoon in Ashland.

He’s has rarely missed an election, and usually rides his bike to the polling place. “I just try to vote whenever I can,” he said.

Scroggins said every race was equally important, and wasn’t especially opinionated toward or against any candidate.

He had a strong opinion regarding Proposition C, but requested his vote not be published.

Mounting his trike to ride back home, Scroggins said the rising temperatures were sure to affect his open-air ride.

“You get heat off the engine, off the black seats,” he said. After revving his throttle, he glanced at the on-board thermometer.

“It said 92 [degrees] when I went in [to vote], and now it’s 104.”

“Gotta get home before it gets too much hotter,” he said.


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