A close loss for Kim Shaw

Kim Shaw, center, pauses after conceding the election for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 5, as her mother, Jane Poore, looks on at a watch party at D. Rowe's.

In one of the most tightly contested races on the Boone County ballot, incumbent judge Larry Bryson squeaked by challenger Kim Shaw with just over 51 percent, a margin of only 243 votes.

“250 votes! I can’t believe how close it was,” said Jane Poore, Shaw’s mother, who stood by her daughter’s side and gave her a big embrace when the final votes were tallied.

Despite the narrow loss, about 50 of Shaw’s supporters, family and friends who gathered for an election night party at D. Rowe’s in Columbia remained upbeat and positive throughout the night and even after Shaw conceded at 10:40 p.m.

A large round of applause and a chorus of “hip-hip hoorays” was heard to acknowledge her effort.

Watch party attendees said Shaw’s showing against Bryson was the biggest challenge the 23-year incumbent had ever faced.

“Thank you all very much,” Shaw said. “I could not have done this myself.”

Shaw was gracious for the amount of support she received throughout the election season and especially a late push at the polls today, where dozens of supporters lobbied on her behalf in several precincts.

“I hope she runs again,” Poore said. “The county needs her.”


One Response

  1. I think Kim needs to start paying attention to her broken family and less on herself. What a self absorbed freak. What a hippocrite thinking she could judge anyone elses life.

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