Waiting it out at the Williamson watch party

The 15 or so supporters of presiding commissioner candidate John Sam Williamson slowly shrank to about eight as the night wore on and the election results slowly arrived. A small laptop on the table at D. Rowe’s was obsessively refreshed, first by Williamson’s daughter, Sarah, then by Williamson himself. Supporters, a few wearing campaign shirts, tried getting results from their phones or by squinting to read the small election results banners across the televisions. As the time ticked, talk turned to various non-election subjects such as Snookie from Jersey Shore. With 35 precincts counted, the deficit is almost too great; Williamson cannot come back to beat J. Scott Christianson.

Williamson drummed his fingers against his chair, then tapped his foot against the chair of Duane Sicht and said, very quietly, “Thank you for all your help.”

Later on, another supporter leaned close to Williamson, saying “John, I’m sorry.”

By a little after 10 p.m., the checks had been paid, the tables mostly cleared, but no final vote count. Nobody moved. Williamson sat with the laptop in front of him, with friends and family surrounding him, waiting. Just waiting.


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