Columbia Daily Dish for 9/11/2010

City Council to consider amending review board code: (CM) lumbia Police Chief Ken Burton is asking that the City Council change the ordinance that created the Citizens Police Review Board to list different categories of decisions the chief can make to adjudicate complaints filed against officers.

Federal Grant saves program to held ex-inmates: (CT) Recently faced with the possibility of dissolving, the reintegration program for the Boone County Circuit Court was saved Thursday with the awarding of a federal grant. The reintegration program, which provides resources to inmates released from prison to find employment, was awarded a $346,022 Second Chance Act grant. The Missouri Department of Corrections applied for the grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and floated it to the Boone County Circuit Court.

DNR Grants Contract to Reconstruct Abandoned Coal Mines: (KBIA) The Department of Natural Resources granted a contract to an Ashland construction company for the reconstruction of abandoned coal mines in Boone and Howard counties.  The million dollar contract couldn’t have come at a better time for C.L. Richardson Construction Company. The company’s superintendent John Dometrorch  says this type of contract is competitive.

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