New manual exposes candidates to voters

A new publication called the U.S. Government Owner’s Manual is available for citizens who are interested in following the behavior of their state representatives and candidates. Project Vote Smart is circulating free copies on request for anyone who is interested in obtaining a manual, according to a press release.

“This Manual is just the first step for people who are tired of the politics-as-usual behavior of their candidates, and want to know how to hold them accountable,” said Adelaide Kimball, Vote Smart Board Member, in the press release.

The manual also introduces a new tool called VoteEasy, which is an application that allows citizens to find out which candidates share their ideas and views on important national issues.

According to the press release, the information on the website includes:

–    The background and contact information of the candidates.
–    The legislative and congressional votes on legislation, which have been categorized by the issue.
–    The interest groups’ grades of legislative and congressional job performances.
–    The amount of money politicians are raising and spending.
–    The Political Courage Test that shows which candidates have the courage to stand by the position they take on an issue.
–    The public statements made by every presidential, congressional and gubernatorial candidate and incumbent.

VoteEasy will be available to Missouri citizens by early October.

To access the website visit or call the Voter’s Research Hotline (1-888-VOTESMART).

For questions contact Carly Griffin, Media Coordinator, at (406)859-8683 or


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