Daily Dish 9/20/2010

Family files lawsuit in SWAT raid (Trib.)

A civil suit was filed in Jefferson City against the city of Columbia and police officers involved in a controversial SWAT raid in February. The suit lists 18 causes against the defendants. The February incident resulted in the injury of one and death of another dog. A 7-year-old was present on the scene. It turned up a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Bidders grab unclaimed treasures (Trib.)

People from as far as Kansas City came to Columbia to bid on unclaimed items from safe-deposit boxes. The state of Missouri is currently holding about $600 million in accounts in the form of “old bank accounts, unclaimed insurance proceeds, uncashed state tax refunds as well as the contents of safe-deposit boxes.” The amount for the Mid-Missouri region is about $20.5 million.

County leaves tax levy steady (Trib.)

The Boone county property tax will be the same amount as in 2009, adopted by the county commission last week. Even though there was no increase on the tax, this information was not available to the public until just before a public hearing Thursday. No one from the public attended the meeting. County employees haven’t had a salary increase in three years.

Defense Attorney Applauds Smart Sentencing Program (MO Digital News); additional information was gathered from nyulocal.com

In an effort to decrease taxes for Missouri residents as well as recidivism rates, the state now allows judges to view the comparative costs for sentencing criminals with specific crimes. One of the goals is to decrease repeat offenders, but there is concern that this may affect judges’ decisions in sentencing, particularly when considering the likelihood of their own re-election as a result of choosing sentences.


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