Daily Dish 9/22/2010

Business Beat: September 22, 2010 (KBIA)

Columbia Regional Airport has seen enough air traffic that it is now eligible to partner with airline giant Delta. The airline began providing service out of Columbia this month.

City manager concurs with chief’s investigation of SWAT raid (Trib.)

City Manager Bill Watkins publicly made the decision for the third time that he supports the decisions made by the Citizens Police Review Board and Police Chief Ken Burton concerning the Feb. SWAT raid. Watkins wrote a letter in response to marijuana activist Ed Rosenthal, who appealed the review board’s decision.

County removes missing assets from inventory list (Trib.)

A list of 38 items totaled up to $87,000 on the Boone County inventory list, presented at a meeting with the Boone County Commission Tuesday. The items had been unaccounted for in terms of paperwork and were removed from the list. The amount removed accounted for approximately 0.3 percent of the county’s full list of physical assets.

Haitian boy healing from major back surgery (Trib.)

A Columbia family is getting ready to say goodbye to a 5-year-old Haitian boy, Woodler, whom they’ve hosted in their home for four months. Woodler received successful back surgery in St. Louis, and will return to his family in October.


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