Daily Dish 9/24/2010

Robb, Christianson present case to chamber members (Trib.)
Legislators tout bipartisan work (Trib.)

In separate articles, the Tribune summarized statements made by presiding commissioner and House seat candidates at a Chamber of Commerce forum Thursday. Presiding commissioner candidates (Ed Robb and J. Scott Christianson) discussed management styles and business experience. Legislative candidates discussed tobacco tax, MU funding, and the possibility of building a data center in Boone County.

Extended campus locations leave RHA (Maneater)

Student staff representing Tiger Diggs and Mizzou Quads, among other “extended campus” residences, disaffiliated themselves from the university’s Residence Halls Association. Confusion with bus schedules and a limit on the number of upperclassmen allowed to live on campus led to the choice to separate from the RHA.

New Film Series Gets People Talking About Controversial ‘Topics (KBIA)

Columbia residents have created a grassroots film viewing organization, showing films about hot button issues to get people talking about them.

Missouri group joined in protest (Trib.)

Approximately ten Columbia residents, members of the Iranian American Cultural Association of Missouri, traveled to New York, N.Y. to participate in a protest rally Thursday. The rally protested controversial comments recently made by Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The president of the Missouri organization said that Ahmadinejad does not represent Iranians.

Office building plan upsets neighbors (Trib.)

At a meeting Thursday, The Bourn Avenue Neighborhood Association and the city Planning & Zoning Commission disagreed over proposed construction of an office complex at Stadium and Broadway. The request to rezone three lots was approved by the Commission, but will go to the City Council for a public hearing and discussion Oct. 18.


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