Daily Dish 09/29/2010


Some Missouri public colleges and universities were allowed the past school year to  increase the tuition on the books without any additional charges to their students. The University of Missouri  System did not take this advantage and it is required to ask for permission  next school year before it raises tuition.

http://www.themaneater.com/stories/2010/9/28/obama-talks-student-debt-affordability-conference-/   (Maneater)

President Barack Obama expressed his desire to make college more affordable and to increase aid funding for students. Several college publications, such as The Maneater, were on Monday with the president in a conference call.

http://www.kbia.org/news/politics/talking-politics-september-28-2010 (KBIA)

Economy seems to be the key of the next mid-term elections according to Terry Smith, regular commentator at KBIA.

http://mdn.org/2010/stories/news00.htm#18 (Mo Dig. News)

The libertarian Party candidate, Jonathan Dine, is using social networks such as Facebook and Youtube to support  his campaign to the U.S. senate. He has 2525″ likes” on its facebook web page.


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