Luetkemeyer visits Columbia manufacturer

In an effort to be re-elected in the 9th District Congressional race on Nov. 2, U.S. Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer visited Columbia today to speak with JM Eagle Inc.

Luetkemeyer said that during his campaign he visits places such as schools and manufacturing plants, among other places, to see how each works and improvements that could be made to make them run more efficiently.

JM Eagle Inc. is a $1.6 billion company and is the largest plastic pipe manufacturer in America, said Brian Lang who is the area sales manager waterworks.

When asked whether any of their products were made overseas, the company managers shook their heads proudly.

“American owned, American made,” Luetkemeyer said. “Good job.”

As the discussion veered toward the state of the economy, Luetkemeyer asked how it has affected their business.

Tom Ogden, one of the plant managers, said the business is facing some difficulty.

Ogden said they “used to work off larger inventories” so they could send products out right away when they were requested. Now, however, they do not have this luxury and must try to figure out what products to run and when to run them, which can be difficult.

Following the conference, the company managers escorted Luetkemeyer around the plant. They showed him how the machinery works and what they do during each step of the pipe-making process.

Luetkemeyer said the visit was “a message from them to me” about improving the economy so they can do their jobs better and have 100 percent productivity.

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