Luetkemeyer wins with 77.6 percent of the vote

Hopping onto a stage set-up at the end of the banquet hall, Republican incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer stands at a wooden podium. On the wall behind him is a large blue poster with his name in big yellow letters and to his left is a red poster that says “Fire Pelosi.”

Luetkemeyer announces in a booming voice that Democratic incumbent Ike Skelton conceded defeat to Republican Vicky Hartzler in the 4th District Congressional race.

The room erupts with applause and a few people pump their fists in the air.

Anticipation and excitement fill the room at the Marriott Hotel in Columbia as groups of people talk around tables sprinkled with red, white and blue stars.

Ralph Dobbs sits alone near the front of the room watching one of two screens that are broadcasting the election outcomes.

“It looks like the foundation is being laid for a strong conservative following in 2012,” Dobbs, an MU Professor Emeritus of Education, said.

“He is a very level headed young fella, and he listens to the local people, which is very important at this time,” he said referring to Luetkemeyer.

Sampling the chicken wings, Dave Miller said: “I am elated. I’m a died-in-the-wool conservative so I support a conservative agenda right down the line.”

“I have known Blaine Luetkemeyer for a long time and he is a very solid guy,” Miller, a realtor, said.

Luetkemeyer defeated three other candidates for the 9th District Congressional office. Winning the election with 77.6 percent of the vote, Luetkemeyer will begin his second term on Jan. 3.

“We are up and ready to go, excited to get back to Washington and get started in January,” Luetkemeyer said.

— Emily Roman


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