Robb pulls out victory in presiding commissioner race

11:46 p.m.

Republican Ed Robb has won the presiding commissioner election. His victory was slim though, winning by a 528-vote margin over Democrat J. Scott Christianson. More than 49,000 people voted in the race, which was in Christianson’s favor for most of the night.

Christianson didn’t move for a few seconds after looking at the total tally. Leaning against the Blue Note’s bar, he said to Jonathan Sessions, “Well, I’ve got a call to make.” He stepped into the lobby and congratulated his opponent.

Although he didn’t show much emotion, many of his supporters were in disbelief when they found out he lost. Christianson then congratulated his supporters.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to those who have worked so hard on this campaign. It has really been an honor to me to be the democratic candidate nominee for presiding commissioner. It’s been a great honor to have the help of so many people — so many friends and family that came forward to support me.”

When asked if he would run again for presiding commissioner or run for associate commissioner, Christianson said it was too early to think about those questions.

Ava Fajen, his wife, put her arm around his back and patted him. He was getting ready to speak with half a dozen reporters when she said consoled him.

“At least you gave them a choice,” she said.


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