Glen Ehrhardt’s Petition for Fifth Ward City Councilperson

Local attorney Glen Ehrhardt, 50, became the first candidate to file a petition to run for city council last week.

An Excel spreadsheet listing the names of area residents who signed his petition is available below.

Glen Ehrhardt’s Fifth Ward Petition

There is also an alphabetized list available after the jump.

Individuals Who Have Signed Ehrhardt’s Petition

Ann Bolander

Billy Luecht

Bruce Wilson

Cameron Dunafon

Carla Espy

Caroline Gower

Charles Deming

Charles Tripp

Chris Bramstedt

Chris Gervino

Curt Kempf

Daniel Kliethermes

David Belcher

David Carr

David Machens

David Nivens

David Vandenberghe

Dennis Roth

Dodie Douglas

Elinor Arendt

Franklin Bolander

Gene Devore

Glenda Hofsess

Jeffery Scott Meier

Jerri Deming

Jo Lynn Laird

John Hofsess

John John

John Karle

John Williams

Jon Erickson

Josh Herron

Judith Donnell

Karen Smith

Karen Taylor

Katie Rose

Kenneth Nivens

Lonnie Taylor

Mark Dressler

Matthew Woods

Max Dills

Michele Devore

Nancy Wilson

Patricia Blair

Paula Boehm

Richard Walls

Robert Hunter, Jr.

Robert Hurst

Robert Pollock

Robert Wagner

Roger Birdsong

Rory Read

Sally Williams

Salvatore Lasapio

Scott Maledy

Stephen Lubbering

Susan Greenfield

Ted Boehm

Tim Carson

Tina Ehrhardt

Virna Camacho-Meier


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