Daily Dish 12/7: Missouri congressional districts and Monday’s City Council meeting

St. Louis Democrats hope to preserve black congressional district — Missourian

When the final 2010 Census numbers are released in December, it is anticipated that Missouri will lose a Congressional seat. However the process ends up, Missouri Democrats hope that Missouri will maintain a district that has a black plurality.

Richland Road request approved; Weiss property rejected by City Council — Missourian

The Richland Road annexation and rezoning request was finally approved after two years of debate. The 181-acre development will have a maximum of 700 homes and 80,000 square feet of retail space.

Columbia City Council agenda items at a glance — Missourian

Four Missourian reporters sum up the other important issues discussed at Monday night’s City Council meeting.

Study shows Missouri scores high in areas of civic engagement — Missourian

Over the past few years, Missourians have been volunteering less and attending fewer public meetings.

Police look into overspending on city benefits — Tribune

Reporter Rudi Keller writes, “Columbia police are investigating how an estimated $200,000 in city funds were spent on prescription medications for former city employees.”


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