Homeland Security grant could upgrade bomb squad robot

On Dec. 7, the Missourian reported the use of the Mid-Missouri Bomb Squad’s robot in response to a bomb threat on a Greyhound bus in Columbia.

“A robot removed each piece of luggage from the bus. After the robot examined the luggage, three bomb technicians from the bomb squad examined the luggage by hand,” the article states. No suspicious materials were found.

A day earlier, a Missourian article reported a grant offered to the city of Columbia by the Missouri Dept. of Homeland Security to upgrade that robot to the tune of $53,578. The city council will vote to accept the grant Dec. 20.

Below is a break down of the cost and a description of the upgrade. The documents come from the city councils’ Dec. 6 meeting agenda.


2 Responses

  1. this is total not true and this is just a fart

  2. Anonymous,

    This link should take you to the Dec. 6 Columbia city council meeting agenda:

    You’ll find these documents by clicking “supporting documentation” on item B309-10. Supporting documents contain the language of ordinances. They also provide the council and public with in depth information.

    Above, is the cost break down of the robot upgrades provided by Northrup Grumman, who manufactures the machine.

    On Dec. 20, the council voted to accept the grant, which would pay for what the documents above describe.

    Here’s a link to that agenda: http://gocolumbiamo.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=348

    Thanks for reading.

    Thomas Nagel

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