City Council Watch Parties

The time has finally come.


With the general municipal election tomorrow, First Ward candidates have organized watch parties for their campaigns and supporters.

Mitch Richards is holding a get out the vote party tonight from 5-11:30 p.m. at Boone Tavern. His watch party will be around 7 p.m. tomorrow at Mackenzie’s Prime on the corner of Locust and Tenth streets.


Mitch Richards
7 p.m. at Mackenzie’s Prime
Corner of Locust and Tenth streets

Fred Schmidt
7 p.m. at Red and Moe’s
21 Ninth St.

Pam Forbes
7:15 p.m. at the Broadway Brewery
816 E. Broadway

Darrel Foster
Foster said he is planning on having a watch party around 6 p.m. tomorrow at Douglass Park, with more details to come tomorrow.
Helen Anthony
7 p.m. Sophia’s
3915 South Providence Road
Glen Ehrhardt
7 p.m. at D’Rowes Restaurant and Bar
1005 Club Village Drive


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