All About Ward Reapportionment

A public hearing about ward reapportionment has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Sept. 7 in the Council Chambers of the Daniel Boone Building.

Leading up to that meeting, here’s a quick guide consisting of terms, dates, and committee members


  • Wards – Columbia has six of them. Each is represented by a city council member. Ideally, each ward will have an equal population and therefore equal representation on the council.
  • Reapportionment – The redrawing of ward boundaries to create near-equal populations. It occurs every 10 years after census data is collected.
  • Trial – Essentially an experimental map. So far there are five (A,B,D,E and F). The council can either adopt one of these trials or come up with a compromise.


  • Sept. 7 – The next public hearing on the trials
  • Sept. 12 – The next committee meeting to discuss the trials
  • Sept. 15 – The date when the reapportionment must present options to the city council


There are eight members on the committee:

  • Colleen Coble: First Ward
  • Scott Atkins: Second Ward
  • Eugene Gerke: Third Ward
  • Rob Monsees: Fourth Ward
  • Michelle Gadbois: Fifth Ward
  • Terry Smith: Sixth Ward
  • Wiley Miller: At large appointee. Miller was added as the eighth member of the committee after a complaint was made that the committee lacked diversity. More information can be found in this article from the Missourian.
  • Bob Pugh: chairman, at-large appointee.

More information can be found at the city’s website.


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