The Daily Dish – Oct. 31

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton cancels trip to India – Columbia Missourian

“The MU news bureau confirmed that Chancellor Brady Deaton has canceled his trip to Agra, India. The chancellor was supposed to depart Tuesday to attend a scientific conference Nov. 1 through Nov. 9.”

Cold Weather Rule Set to Ease Utility Stress – KOMU

“The Missouri Public Service Commission prepared Monday for the start of its “Cold Weather Rule” on Tuesday.

The regulation prevents investor-owned utility companies, such as Ameren Missouri, from disconnecting electricity or natural gas service if the forecast temperature is 32 degrees or below.”

Drug Testing debate shifts to MU – Columbia Daily Tribune

“Students enrolling in medical programs at the University of Missouri this fall were required to take drug tests — a new mandate one local attorney says is unconstitutional. To make his point, attorney Dan Viets cites Linn State Technical College’s attempt to screen its students this year. A U.S. district judge last week issued a preliminary injunction blocking those tests and warned the public “


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