The Daily Dish – Nov. 1

Missouri’s bid to join SEC affords opportunity to reflect on cultural identity – Columbia Missourian

“With Missouri seemingly on the verge of bolting from the Big 12 — the latest name for a string of conference affiliations that date to 1907 — and joining the SEC, there’s plenty of chatter on blogs and over coffee about cultural identity and football traditions both here and in the South.”

Pepper’s Nightclub shooting upgraded to homicide as owner faces injunction – Columbia Missourian

“Detective Tom O’Sullivan would be a happy man if he never had to deal with Peppers Nightclub ever again.

*O’Sullivan works in the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, which was called to the north Columbia nightclub around 3:40 a.m. Sunday in response to shots fired. A 21-year-old man, Tevin Johnson, had been shot in the head. He died late Monday, and police are now treating the case as a homicide.”

MU School of Medicine awarded multi-million dollar grant – KOMU

“The United States Department of Defense awarded MU a $5.3 million grant to study combat casualty care.”


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