The Daily Dish – Nov. 7

Eviction measure on agenda — Columbia Daily Tribune

A public hearing at tonight’s Columbia City Council meeting will focus on a measure that would increase the length of time landlords are required to give mobile home park residents before they are removed from the property. The measure comes after the request to rezone Regency Mobile Home Park to allow for a new student housing apartment complex. The measure would require 180 days of notice for residents, an increase of 60 days from the current requirement.

Douglass preps for meeting — Columbia Daily Tribune

The Douglass Park Association will have its first meeting on Tuesday. The leaders of this neighborhood association, which has been inactive for more than a decade, want to bring their voice to the city government in Columbia. This group is following a trend of organizing activity in central Columbia.

Fourth case of E. coli confirmed in Boone County — Columbia Missourian

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Health and Human Services was waiting to hear results of a suspected fifth case of infection on Friday, but as of Saturday afternoon said no new cases had been reported. The local E. coli cases came as the number of confirmed cases continued to rise in St. Louis. As of Thursday, there were 24 confirmed cases in St. Louis.

Occupy COMO protesters march, deliver message to Bank of America — Columbia Missourian

On Saturday afternoon, protesters marched down Broadway from City Hall and circled back to the Bank of America’s branch on Cherry Street. They listed grievances, including accusations of immoral treatment of customers, abuse of the federal tax system and violation of antitrust laws in an open letter. They encouraged Bank of America customersto transfer their money to nonprofit credit unions. The demonstration fell on the same day as Bank Transfer Day, in which activists asked bank customers to transfer money from national commercial banks to local alternatives.


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