The Daily Dish – Nov. 11

House committee seeks new tax on cellphones to support 911 call centers – Columbia Missourian

“A House committee is drafting a bill to implement a cell phone tax to fund the 911 service. The Missourian previously reported that Missouri has no funding system to cover the cost of emergency wireless calls. The committee’s last two attempts to implement a tax were rejected by the Missouri voters, although Missouri has lagged behind the other states in updating its 911 system to meet the wireless technology.”

Mayor warns Columbia could lose air service – Columbia Daily Tribune

“Mayor Bob McDavid warned community leaders about the risk of losing the airport. The  concern came from predictions that approximately 100 small airports will lose service by 2020. Columbia Regional Airport could be on the list because not enough passengers count to reach a profitable consolidation. Potential traffic may be expected, however, when MU gains its membership in the Southeastern Conference. The airport is currently attempting to improve access by constructing an overpass.”


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