Red-Light Cameras

Since the installation of five red-light cameras in Columbia two years ago, the amount of money from violations has decreased greatly. While at the beginning of this year the city had plans to install a sixth camera and possibly ten others. Recently, though, the city has decided to suspend installation of all cameras. The reasons behind this are unclear — some cite the lack of traffic accidents while others claim it is a lack of revenue. I am working on an article now that will talk about the disparity in the stated reasons behind this decision to suspend the program.

One Response

  1. Elizabeth. Typically the police and city engineers produce data which overly general in support of cameras. Data should be specific to intersections and causes of accidents. Comparison should be between photo-enforced intersections vs. non-photo enforced ones, also. It is not enough to say “accidents are down in the last 2 year period vs. the 2-year period before the cameras,” for example. Accident rates across the U.S. are generally down as fewer people are going to work and the high price of gas reduces vehicular traffic. Don’t be fooled. Also, look at towns which have extended their yellow lights. Towns that have done so have reduced infractions to such a low level that there no longer is enough revenue to pay for the cameras.

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