The Daily Dish- November 21

Jewish missionaries settle in Columbia– Columbia Missourian

A young Jewish couple moved from Brooklyn to Columbia with the hopes to create a new community.

Avremi Lapine, a rabbi, and his wife are a part of an international sect of Orthodox Judaism known as Chabad-Lubavitch. They plan to open their house at 313 E. Brandon Road as a Chabad house to provide a center for fellowship for the Jewish community especially the college students.

They are part of a more traditional sect of Judaism, as opposed to Columbia’s Reform synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom. However, the couple said they are not trying to compete with the current synagogue. Instead, the Lapines wish to “complement what the already have.”


Missouri high school graduation rate dips as formula changes– Columbia Missourian

Since Missouri switched to the new, federally mandated formal for tracking high school graduation rates, the state saw a drop in the percentage of students who graduate.

The state dropped 6.6 percentage points to 79.8 percent graduation rate. The drop is more obvious amount poor and minority students.

Missouri is not the only state seeing drops, though. Some states have reported a drop of 10 to 15 percentage points.

Sanders’ supporters seek Burton’s ouster– The Columbia Daily Tribune

A group working under the name Chief Burton Needs to Resign is trying to oust Columbia Police Department Chief Ken Burton.

The group, formed after several failed attempts to reinstate Columbia police Officer Rob Sanders, will be seeking petitions to present to the Columbia City Council and City Manager Mike Matthes.

The group sites incidents and previous investigation involving Burton prior to his hiring at the Columbia Police Department. They believe the investigations were not disclosed to the city before he was hired, and that Burton has made questionable decisions that make his resignation necessary.

Burton could not be reached for comment.



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