The Daily Dish November 22

Columbia must fix sewer systems over next 15 years– Columbia Missourian

The Columbia sewer systems has been a hot topic over the past year or so, and there may finally be some resolve after the pre city council meeting last night.

The problem: During periods of heavy rainfall, sewage throughout the city has been known to seep up through the manholes and even into peoples’ homes and private businesses.

The potential solution: An agreement between the city and The Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The agreement, proposed by Steven Hunt, a civil engineer for the Public Works Department, calls for upgrades and maintenance of the wastewater collection systems.

Columbia Regency mobile home park rezoning passes, 5-2– Columbia Missourian

The Columbia City Council, after weeks of public comments, debates and tabling the issue, finally made a decision regarding Regency mobile home park. They voted to rezone the property to allow Aspen Heights to build student apartments.

The decision was proceeded by hours of public comment by residents of the park, Columbia citizens and students. The majority of those speaking to the council were opposed to the rezoning.

Aspen Heights plans to build 330 apartments and a total of 936 rooms.

Denmon, Tigers put on a show in KC– The Columbia Daily Tribune

Marcus Denmon, though knowing only 30 people in the stands, proved to be a crowd favorite at the men’s basketball game agains Notre Dame. And for good reason.

Denmon scored 26 points, leading the Tigers to and 87-58 victory.


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