The Daily Dish-Nov. 25

Jefferson City mom elated after son released in Egypt – Columbia Missourian

Joy Sweeney, mother of 19-year-old Derrik Sweeney, said the consul general confirmed her son would be released after being arrested in Egypt Sunday.

“It truly is (the best Thanksgiving gift),” Joy Sweeney said. “Now it’s just about getting him home.”

Derrik Sweeney was among three American students arrested. The other students were Luke Gates, 21, from Bloomington, Ind., and Gregory Porter, 19, from Glenside, Pa.

Speed slows on student fees for city transit – Columbia Daily Tribune

With $1 million in cuts to Columbia Transit still needed, the Black and Gold routes, among other services, could be eliminated. The Black and Gold routes serve student apartment complexes in south Columbia.

Mayor Bob McDavid has pushed a proposal to increase activity fees for MU, Columbia College and Stephens College students to help fund the bus system. However, MU’s Transit System Task Force representatives pushed back at a meeting last week.

Representatives of Columbia College and Stephens College were not present.  McDavid said he does not think they are “engaged at this point.”

McDavid said the city could now write letters to south Columbia apartment complexes and explain that service would have to be cut unless the city is given a certain amount of revenue.

Everybody Eats! serves Thanksgiving dinner to 350, fills food bags for 450 – Columbia Missourian

Everybody Eats!, a program organized by former City Council member Almeta Crayton, served food to an estimated 350 people Thanksgiving Day. The group also delivered around 450 food baskets Wednesday.

Although there were fewer donations than expected, there was enough food for everyone.

Around 270 people showed up at another meal served by the Salvation Army. According to regional development director Cyndy Chapman, there was an increase in attendance this year due to many losing their jobs or facing reduced hours.


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