The Daily Dish-Nov. 28

State seeks No Child Left Behind waiver – Columbia Daily Tribune

Last month Missouri announced it intends to apply for a flexibility waiver from the No Child Left Behind Act. Eleven states have already applied for waivers.

Local educators have shown support for the waiver, saying NCLB has caused multiple problems. These include implementing one policy over all schools, using only one measure of success (annual test scores) and transferring students from schools not meeting annual federal goals to schools that do.

Opponents of the waiver say they are concerned waivers could turn into a merit pay system based on teacher performance.

State apportionment panel avoids Sunshine Law requirements – Columbia Daily Tribune

When the new boundaries for Missouri House and Senate districts are announced in three weeks, the public will not know when, where and by what vote the boundaries were approved.

The judges who will be drawing the new districts have been told Missouri’s Open Meetings and Records Law, also know as the Sunshine Law, does not apply. The Sunshine Law requires public bodies to post a notice of their meeting’s time and location and meetings covered under the law are to begin in open session. A vote is required to go into a closed session.

Loan aversion might put students at risk of not graduating – Columbia Missourian

As the cost of attending a four-year university increases, students are doing whatever they can to avoid graduating with a large amount of debt. To do this, some have stopped taking out student loans but educators warn this might lead to not earning a degree at all.



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