The Daily Dish-Nov. 29

Judicial officials plan new court for veterans-Columbia Daily Tribune

The Boone County Circuit Court and the Veterans Integrated Service Network are applying for federal and state grant money to create an alternative sentencing court for local veterans. There are currently 10,141 veterans in Boone County and that number is expected to rise as troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

This court would operate like other alternative sentencing courts for driving while intoxicated, reintegration and drug and mental health but focus on veteran-related issues, like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Associate Judge Michael Bradley would be the court’s coordinator.

City plans for parkland near Battle High-Columbia Daily Tribune

Last week Columbia City Council was presented with an agreement to purchase land northeast of Battle High School, which is under construction, for a 30-acre city park. A final vote could be taken next Monday.

The land will cost $681,000 and would be purchased using funds generated by Columbia’s parks sales tax. However, more money would need to be raised in order to develop the park. The city could grant funding to develop the park or could look to taxpayers for help through a ballot issue.

“We think it’s just a nice combination of public resources to have parks adjacent to public schools,” said Columbia Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hood.

Insurers pay out $1.13 billion for Joplin tornado damage-Columbia Missourian

While insurers have paid around $1.13 billion in claims related to the Joplin tornado, the total could reach $1.8 billion to $1.9 billion.

That number does not include uninsured losses or underinsured properties.

MoDOT uses new technology to save money-KOMU

New technology could save taxpayer dollars this winter. MoDOT will use a piece of equipment called ground speed control to reduce the amount of unnecessary salt dispersed on roads by salt trucks.

MoDOT said they could save around $5,800 every hour the 239 Central Missouri District salt trucks run.


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