The Past Week Dish

Since we haven’t posted a daily dish for the past few days, here is an aggregation of the past few days’ news.

      Kelsi Poe: The girl who fell at Quinton’s builds an entirely new life- Missourian

Poe, 21, is rebuilding her life after a near-death fall in September 2010 at Quinton’s Bar and Deli. She knows alcohol is the reason she fell, but is trying to move on from the fall and start anew. Her family recognizes they lost the daughter they had always known when she fell 15 feet over a stair railing, but they are more than happy to still have Kelsi — the new Kelsi.

“Although she’s recovered physical and mental capabilities, Poe isn’t the same. ‘Sometimes we still grieve for the loss of the child we have,’ her mom said”

Pinkel thinks LSU, Alabama deserve to play for national title- Missourian

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel wasn’t one of those who thought the Cowboys deserved to play LSU for the national title instead of Alabama. He said LSU and Alabama are the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country.

And that’s how he voted on us USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll ballot.

But players on his team disagreed. No matter what everyone thinks, LSU and Alabama will face each other in the BCS National Championship Game on January 9.

The rest of the BCS bowl games were officially announced Sunday Night, too.

Loss for Rock Bridge girls basketball, despite temporary tattoos- Missourian

The Rock Bridge girls basketball team lightened the mood by wearing temporary tattoos. Even coach Jill Nagel was tatted up.

The point? The team plays better when they are relaxed, and one way to relax is to laugh. The laughs were there at Sunday’s game. When the team huddled up and saw the tattoos, they laughed.

Another reason to laugh comes from Carmen Boessen. She is a senior on the team, and she writes humorous poems with inside jokes from the week’s practices. She reads them before each game.

Although the game started out light hearted, the laughs stopped, and some even shed tears as players fouled out and the team lost the game.


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