Aspen Heights will reward Delta Delta Delta sorority $500

Aspen Heights, the company buying the property of Columbia Regency mobile home park, will give Delta Delta Delta $500 prize money for winning a competition the Missourian has previously reported on.

As we reported, the rules involved liking Aspen Heights Columbia on Facebook, liking a status with the name of the sorority or fraternity and signing an online petition.  Posters on the Facebook page reiterated during the contest that the petition needed to be signed to count.

Stuart Watkins, spokesperson for Aspen Heights, said in an email last Monday the intent of the petition was “solely for marketing use at our corporate headquarters.”

However, the petition page itself said, “we would like to present this to the city council by November 14th.”  Below is a screenshot of the website:

Jason Sherman, Aspen Heights CMO, said in a LinkedIn message on Nov. 21st Aspen Heights was “removing the Greek contest and will not be submitting the petition nor the results.”  The petition was not included during in the staff report of the City Council meeting on the rezoning that evening, and was not presented by representatives of Aspen Heights.

“It was never Aspen Heights intention to “buy” votes and we hate that it came across that way. It is a marketing strategy we use to get students excited about us coming and to have them get our Facebook page started. Since there has been controversy around it we have chosen to not use it anymore.”  Sherman said in the message.

During the contest, there was a time when the Delta Delta Delta entry had 194 likes.  After the Missourian began reporting on the story, we noted in a follow up that the number had fallen to 182 likes. Posts about the sororities and fraternities to be liked for the contest have been removed since that count.


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