The Daily Dish- Dec. 7th

Columbia’s six wards: Census reveals demographic differences – Joe Yerardi, Columbia Missourian

A look at the different housing statistics about the wards in Columbia.  It relates back to the recent redistricting debate, and shows the difference between the wards.  If you want some old material from earlier this autumn to read with it, I’d recommend Redrawing Columbia’s wards proves puzzling for representatives, residents (which Hilary Niles, the reporter, referred to while working on the story as her “what makes a ward” story) and Reapportionment: A look at each trial.

El Ray park owner uninterested in delaying closure – Alexandria Baca, Columbia Missourian

El Ray mobile home park is set to close effective March 1.  The Boone County Commission (at the request of Grass Roots Organizing and residents of the park) asked the Department of Natural Resources to extend the lagoon permit at the park so residents wouldn’t have to move out in winter.  However, the request has to come from the owner itself.  Here’s the context on El Ray.

Columbia Public Schools needs more money for continued success, School Board says – James Ayello, Columbia Missourian

The School Board is considering a bond issue to avoid deficit spending.  The numbers discussed were $50 million on the bond issue and a 52-cent tax increase.

Pearl Harbor survivor interview – KOMU

It would be wrong not to include a piece on Pearl Harbor, which happened 70 years ago.  KOMU showed a piece on the memorial and had an interview via Google Plus with a survivor of the attack.


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