A double Daily Dish- Dec. 8th & 9th

You’ll have to forgive us.  Your Missourian (and therefore Watchword) staff are quickly approaching our finals, so this will be a double serving.

No Kill Columbia advocates less euthanasia at animal shelter– Alicia Stice and Caitlin Lukin, Columbia Missourian

A new group in Columbia is looking at ways to reduce the amount of euthanasia of healthy animals at the humane society’s shelter.  The Central Missouri Humane Society is in conflict with the new group over this.

Alternate funding, tuition dominate December Board of Curators meeting – Zach Murdock, Columbia Missourian

Finances were the main topic at the MU System Board of Curators meeting, and that includes a potential tuition increase for all four schools. Also from Zach: Board of Curators hopes to announce new UM System president next week.

Chris Stevens named manager of Office of Cultural Affairs – Eric Holmberg, Columbia Missourian

After a year of standing empty/being run by an interim manager, there is a new director in the position.  Stevens and his wife, Jennifer Perlow, own the Stevens-Perlow Gallery.

Mary Still to run for District 19 Senate seat – Caitlin Lukin, Columbia Missourian

With Senate districts reconfigured, Still thinks a Senate seat will be more beneficial to her ability to support her causes.  The incumbent she is running against is  Kurt Schaefer, a Republican.

Missouri men’s basketball trying not to buy into hype – Laura Oberle, Columbia Missourian

This one looks into where the basketball team is now, and has some interesting comments by Phil Pressey on why the team is doing so well.


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