The Daily Dish- Dec. 12 (and the previous weekend)

In testimony in Ryan Ferguson case, a question of memory – Sangeeta Shastry, Columbia Missourian

A really in-depth look at the issues with memory in the Ryan Ferguson case (about the 2001 killing of the Tribune sports editor.

Columbia Public Schools teachers reflect on growing poverty rate – Abby Eisenberg and Garrett Evans, Columbia Missourian

From the story: “38.9 percent of Columbia Public Schools students are enrolled in the National School Lunch Program, up from 31.1 percent in 2007, the year before the recession officially began. That’s 6,888 of 17,709 children.”  

Private Investigator takes case to state’s highest court, attacks vexing Missouri law – Brad Racino, Columbia Missourian

Ricky Gurley, a local private investigator, is taking a case to the Missouri Supreme court that can be interpreted to mean that research on people is a misdemeanor.  He’s doing it as revenge of being denied a license in 2010.

City decides not to fine Kroenke Group for Osco site violation – Brendan Gibbons, Columbia Missourian

A window of time was given for the owner of the property to move the construction materials without being fined, and it complied.

Ex-deputy charged in double homicide– Brennan David, Columbia Tribune

The charges come after Rice being taken into custody after a double homicide and “shootout with police” in Jefferson City.


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