The Daily Dish — Feb. 13

Weather prompts delay of Sixth Ward transit forum by Jacob Kirn, Columbia Missourian

Did you ready a Powerpoint on transit improvement for tonight’s meeting after reading yesterday’s Dish? Turns out you’ll have to wait another month. Due to inclement weather, the forum has been rescheduled for the evening of March 17, when Barbara Hoppe will field suggestions at Unitarian Universalist Church from 5:30 to 8.

Budget for Short Street garage art project increased by Antony Lee, Columbia Missourian

The Percent for Art project ensures that culture goes up with the walls of Columbia’s million-dollar or more surface structures by allocating 1 percent of the building costs to “the creation and placement of public art.” When the Columbia City Council voted to approve a $1.3 million budget increase for the Short Street Garage, the budget for art grew, too. To accomodate the funding bump, the Standing Committee on Public Art has extended the deadline for applications from interested Missouri artists to March 16.

Blunt leading opponents of White House contraception ‘compromise’ by Bill Lambrecht, STL Today

In the face of religious backlash, President Barack Obama altered his stance on contraception Friday, calling upon insurance companies to provide free contraception directly to consumers working for church-affiliated employers. But U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt indicated Monday that the debate won’t end until the president reverses his decision entirely. The conservative leader promised to continue speaking out against contraception in an effort to persuade lawmakers that religious freedom, not healthcare, is the greatest issue at stake.


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