The Daily Dish — Feb. 15

Nancy Copenhaver to file for election in 47th District by Anli Xiao, Columbia Missourian

Former state representative Nancy Copenhaver of Moberly plans to reprise her three-year stint in the Jefferson City after nearly a decade-long hiatus from state government. She filed Tuesday for election in the new 47th district, which encompasses areas of north and northwest Columbia. Her announcement included promises to act as a “good steward” for tax dollars and “an advocate” for citizens.

State senator seeks public funding for religious schools by The Associated Press

In the wake of the battle for religious freedom spurred by division contraception legislation, a new topic has emerged under the same banner: State Senator Scott Rupp is moving to strike language from the Missouri Constitution barring religiously affiliated schools from receiving public funding. In addition to combating what he claims is religious discrimination, he hopes the amendment will benefit students in cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, where public school districts have become unaccredited.

Missouri Supreme Court strikes down ethics law because of the way it was passed by Steve Kraske, Kansas City Star

The Missouri Supreme Court reversed an ethics bill meant to curtail the laundering of campaign donations Tuesday, calling the manner in which it was passed, well, unethical. The provision was apparently tacked on to unrelated bill concerning purchasing and printing parameters for elected state officials. Sponsors of the overturned legislation indicated they will seek approval for a new — and hopefully more transparent — ethics bill the coming weeks.


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