The Daily Dish — Feb. 16

Bicycle/Pedestrian Commission proposes Phase II of Windsor Ash Bike Boulevard by Amy Willsey, Columbia Missourian

Citing the positive reception of Phase I, which placed so-called bike boulevards on Ash and Windsor streets, Bike/Ped sought approval Wednesday to finance a $460,000 expansion with federal funding. Phase II, however, is one of several projects eligible to receive the grant money. City Council will decide which will get the go-ahead at a later time.

Boone County seeks authority to regulate rental property by Antony Lee, Columbia Missourian

Three area representatives took their case for Senate Bill 730, which would grant Boone County the authority to impose regulations on rental property outside city limits, before the state Senate’s Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee on Wednesday. Similar legislation has historically failed to fly, but county reps expressed optimism for the new bill’s prospects.

Senate approves bill moving back Missouri primary date by Marshall Griffin, KBIA

Thursday dawned with the first-round approval of a bill calling for the postponement of filing deadlines for Missouri’s state and national officials. The legislation comes in the heat of a legal battle over the state’s new district boundaries and would shift the filing period back about a month. A single vote stands between the bill and a House vote, but legislators anticipate that it will be received by day’s end.


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