The Daily Dish — April 10

Santorum’s early success pushed GOP to the right by The Associated Press

Rick Santorum ended his bid for GOP nomination Tuesday, but still managed to become the most formidable threat to Mitt Romney’s Republican nomination. Santorum’s campaign ended, but will be a reminder of Romney’s difficulty connecting with the Republican party’s conservativeness.

Missouri S&T looks at domestic partner benefits by Janese Silvey, Columbia Daily Tribune

A Faculty Senate committee at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla (University of Missouri System’s most conservative campus) will decide whether to endorse the university providing domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples. The university is bringing the resolution to the Senate April 19, which recommends that “same-sex couples be allowed access to all of the same rights, privileges and benefits to which opposite-sex spouses currently are entitled.”

Missouri lawmaker wants to allow guns on Metro buses, trains by Elizabeth Crisp, St. Louis Post Dispatch

If a proposal at the Missouri Capitol passes, St. Louis and Kansas City public transportation may allow passengers to brings guns onto buses and trains. State lawmakers are reviewing legislation that would block cities from using local restrictions to ban concealed handguns from city transportation. The House General Laws Committee could take up the legislation Tuesday, but did not vote on the bill last week.

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