The Daily Dish — April 11

Ann Coulter Draws Listeners to the Missouri Theatre by Christine Wendel, KOMU

Conservative Ann Coulter visited Columbia and spoke at a Missouri Theatre event. She spoke and answered questions on  a variety of topics including immigration and illegal drug-use. Coulter also held a book signing after her speech. The MU College Republicans organization fundraised to bring Coulter to MU. There were also several protestors outside of the theatre that disagree with Coulter’s approach to sensitive topics. Columbia was Coulter’s second of three stops in Missouri.

Bill addresses concern over EEZ blight designation by Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune

A legislative fix to the fear of blight designation in Columbia’s enhanced enterprise zone plan was heard in the House Economic Development Committee. Columbia economic development officials want to designate large sections of the city and some adjoining county areas as an EEZ. The hope is that this designation will attract manufacturing plants to the area and create regional job opportunities. To accomplish this, areas must be declared blighted, which means they have substandard infrastructure, homes and/or commercial buildings. Those that oppose the fix are worried about concerned that the bligh designation could lead to the use of eminent domain to obtain land for redevelopment.

Maneater editor resigns after fallout from April Fools’ edition by Karee Hackel

It’s been a recurring theme in recent months for student editors to step down after journalism errors. Abby Spudich, the managing editor of MU’s campus newspaper, The Maneater, resigned after the April 1 edition was considered offensive by many. The issue replaced the publications name with “The Capeteater” and features derogatory and profane language. Readers responded with a published letter to the editor with 234 signatures protesting the April Fool’s edition as “highly offensive and poorly constructed attempt at satire.” Spudich issued a letter of apology Friday. This story has been covered by The Huffington Post and The Kansa City Star.

Former editors of The Maneater face possible university repercussions by Karee Hackel

Two student editors for The Maneater, MU’s campus newspaper, must schedule hearings with the MU Office of Student Conduct related to possible violations of the university’s standards of conduct. Abby Spudich, former managing editor, and Travis Cornejo, former editor in chief, resigned for their individual roles in publishing the highly controversial April Fools’ edition of the paper.


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