Columbia Reacts to Santorum’s suspended campaign

COLUMBIA — Former Sen. Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he is suspending his presidential campaign, according to a previous Missourian article 

After Santorum won the Republican Presidential Primary in Missouri, claiming 55.2 percent of the popular vote, local Santorum supporters are disappointed in his decision to drop out of the presidential race.

“Rick Santorum’s life and public record show that protecting children in law and welcoming them with love can be more than a mere slogan,” said Dan Szy, the former Boone County coordinator for the Santorum campaign. “Someday, I’ll be thrilled if he is elected president. Today, I’m thrilled that today he is a great dad.”

According to a previous Missourian article, Santorum was also the winner in Boone County claiming 3,260 votes, or 49.5 percent.

During Santorum’s 14-minute speech on Tuesday, he did not endorse Mitt Romney, but Santorum might have put an end to the Republican primary altogether with his decision to end his presidential campaign.


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