The Daily Dish—April 14

Missouri Medicaid contract to face Senate scrutiny by Jason Hancock, The Kansas City Star

Molina Healthcare, a California-based company that lost its contract to manage Missouri Medicaid beneficiaries in February has recently filed a lawsuit claiming state officials have violated the competitive bidding laws in favor of other companies. Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer has requested that the Senate Government Accountability Committee investigate how the state determines who will be awarded contracts. Molina Healthcare had a contract with Missouri for 16 years, but was replaced by Centene Corp.

Glimmer of hope for second injury fund fix by Dick Aldrich, Missouri News Horizon

A recent meeting with Gov. Jay Nixon has opened the door to a possibility of a compromise that could save the Second Injury Fund. The Second Injury Fund was established around World War II as a mean of paying partially disabled workers who later become fully disabled workers due to workplace injuries. The fund is financed by a flat fee and paid by employers. The current funding system has been outpaced by the demand, thus jeopardizing the future of the fund. Although Governor Nixon does not prefer the Second Injury Fund Fix, Speaker of the House Steven Tilley says a compromise can be made to move the bill forward.

Missouri House panel hears gay discrimination bill by Jason Hancock, The Kansas City Star

The Missouri House Judiciary Committee discussed on Wednesday the outlawing of discrimination against homosexuals. If passed the bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected classes in the Missouri Human Rights Act. Concerns for adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list include the question of whether protection should be extended to a lifestyle based on personal choice, the impact it would have on employers and false discrimination claims. The bill is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Stephen Webber of Columbia. Similar legislation was introduced in February  to the Senate by Kansas City Democrat Jolie Justus. The legislative season ends May 18.

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