The Daily Dish—April 15

Activists decry “Stand Your Ground” laws by Denise Hollinshed, The St. Louis Post Dispatch

Gun prevention advocates gathered at the City Hall in St. Louis on Sunday to decry the Stand Your Ground laws. The advocates believe the state of Florida should remove the law in light of the Trayvon Martin case. Outside of City Hall was video wall that displayed the names of 218,000 people from all 50 states who have all signed the petition to repeal the laws. Advocates plan to also protest at the arch on Saturday. Activists Joe Grace and James Clark were joined by State Representative Jamilah Nasheed, and three victims of the fatal Tuscon shooting.

Nixon promotes St. Louis judge for vacancy on state appeals court by Jake Wagman

Governor Jay Nixon announced Thursday the (appointment) of a veteran judge attorney, Angela T. Quigless. Quigless, who has been serving in the St. Louis Circuit Court since 1995, will be filling the vacancy in Missouri’s Eastern Court of Appeals. George W. Draper, who originally held the position, was promoted by Gov. Nixon to the state Supreme Court in October.

Senate works on education bills on Missouri News Horizon

Senate President Pro Tem Robert Mayer stated Tuesday that there is still time left in the 2012 legislative session to address several unfinished education bills. Included in the list of legislation is a controversial bill that would double the amount of years teachers would have to work in order to qualify for tenure. Passage of the bill may allow several other bills related to school accreditation and the expansion of charter schools to pass through general assembly by the end of the legislative season.


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