The Daily Dish—April 17

Missouri Board of Education revokes charters  of Imagine Schools in St. Louis by Elisa Crouch, The St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Missouri Board of Education voted unanimously on Tuesday to close all charters of Imagine Schools in St. Louis. The decision came into fruition after years of the charters underperforming. Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro made the suggestion because he felt over 3,800 students were not having their needs met academically. Revoking all charters means all St. Louis Imagine Schools will close at the end of the school year. Before the final decision, four Imagine Schools were placed on probation for academic, financial and leadership failure. Two other Imagine Schools were set to be closed due to poor performance.

Capitol repair needs surpass available funds by Rudi Keller, The Columbia Daily Tribune

A rainy Friday in Jefferson City is the culprit to a leak that trickles down the unsealed seams of the southeast corner of the Missouri Capitol. Although a nuisance, the leak will not cause the building to collapse. Water leaks have been a constant problem at the Capitol, and in 2009 a $27 million plan to stop the leaking water went unfunded. The West side of the Capitol is currently undergoing a $1.1 million project to repair and replacement of deteriorated stairs, a plaza and draining issues. The estimated amount needed to do a complete study to determine how much repairs would cost is $125,000.

Six of 13 E. coli cases in Missouri linked to farm by the Associated Press

State officials said six of the 13 confirmed E. coli cases in Missouri are linked to consumers ingesting milk or raw dairy products from a from a farm in Howard county. The remaining seven individuals with confirmed E. coli infections did not ingest raw dairy products. No other hospitalizations were reported.


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