The Daily Dish—April 18

Developers’ parking garage plans displease Columbia City Council; neighbors ask for considerations by Jaime Williams

The Odle brothers are working with Columbia residents on plans to build a private parking garage for those who live downtown. Jon and Nathan Odle plan to construct a four-story garage with 400 parking spaces with a swimming pool on top. Because the area is zoned C-2, central business district, it does not require city permission to build the structure. The decision to build the private garage brought harsh criticism Monday from the City Council. A previous promise was made by the Odles’ lawyer stating that plans would not deviate from the plan they presented to Council when they sought for C-2 zoning for the apartments on the north side of Walnut Street. Concerns were addressed by the North Central Columbia Neighborhood Association.

More Missourians filing taxes online by Missouri News Horizon

According to Ted Farnen of the Missouri Department of Revenue estimates that three put of every four Missourians filing their taxes will opt for e-filing versus mailing in their returns. As of April 16 the Internal Revenue Services has reported the amount of e-filings to be 87 percent. Because of the increase in the amount of Missourians filing electronically and an ongoing budget crisis at the U.S. Postal Service, more offices are declining to stay open until midnight.

MoDOT rolls out plan for next 20 years of rail by Dick Aldrich, Missouri News Horizon

The Missouri Department of Transportation asked residents on Tuesday how important railroads would be in  20 years. In 2011, the department began holding a series of town hall meetings to look into the future of rail passenger travel and freight service. MoDOT will be holding another town hall meeting this week to discuss the draft report of its strategies for the next 20 years. The draft report is available online at


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