Fire board monthly meeting addresses finances, training

COLUMBIA—The Boone County Fire Protection District Board met on Wednesday evening at the district’s headquarters.

Board members began by reviewing the treasurer’s report. The board authorized a request for a proposal to bid on a new warehouse forklift, placement of an advertisement for a logistics specialist, and renewing membership in the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts.

The board then swore in new members Shelly Dometrorch and Phyllis Fugit, who both recently ran unopposed for re-election.

It was announced the district’s new boat, a 24-foot river boat used for rescue operations, will arrive soon. The new vehicle has been in the works since the January meeting, when the board made a motion to accept a vendor’s proposal, not to exceed $44,000.

The board then reviewed the training report. Currently, the district is hosting EMT, hazardous material, paramedic, Task Force 1 and BCFPD firefighter recruit classes. Volunteers spent 6,008 hours in training classes in March.

It was announced that the results of the recent district audit will be available in about a month. Each year, the district is required to undergo a single audit to evaluate their use of federal funds. The district also chooses to undergo the non-required formal audit. Both audits were conducted by Williams-Keepers LLC.

A look at calls in the month of March showed a relatively low number of incidents, as grass fires declined and highway traffic lulled between holidays. In total, volunteers worked 19,492 hours last month.

The next BCFPD meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on May 16 at the district headquarters.


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