The Daily Dish — April 20

Missouri House measure declare health care reform law void By the Associated Press

The Missouri House approved legislation Thursday crafted to block the implementation of the federal health care overhaul. Language in the measure declares the federal health care law void because, by approving the law, Congress overstepped its Constitutional powers. The House health measure was approved 108-44, and it now moves to the state Senate.

Money is flowing into Missouri race for U.S. Senate by Bill Lambrecht, St. Louis Post Dispatch

An informative article detailing the financial contributions collected by incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo, and her three challengers, Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo, Sarah Steelman and John Brunner. So far McCaskill has received more donations than her three potential opponents combined, garnering campaign funds from the likes of Bill Gates and Barbra Streisand.

Public servants must figure out what is right about ‘blight’ by George Kennedy, Columbia Missourian

George Kennedy, former managing editor of the Missourian and frequent guest columnist, gives his take on the Enhanced Enterprise Zone issue. He meets up with Mike Brooks, president of REDI, the development corporation that mapped nearly 60 percent of Columbia ‘blighted’. Looks like the public outrage has caused Brooks to remap the zones, and more discussions will no doubt follow in the coming weeks as the exact EEZ districting is worked out.


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