The Daily Dish — April 23, 2012

Interstate 70 toll proposal hits Missouri roadblock by Ken Leiser, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The future is bleak for a the implementation on tolls on Interstate 70 as a way to fund highway reconstruction. The Post-Dispatch reports that the bid to turn the public highway into a toll road seems to have “stalled” for the year. Public opinion, and the feelings of the Missouri legislature, are against the prospect of tolling I-70.

Missouri bill targets discussion of sexual orientation in public schools, the Associated Press

A one-sentence bill filed in the Missouri house would outlaw teaching, extracurricular activities or materials that broach sexual orientation. The bill is backed by Rep. Steve Cookson, R-Fairdealing, and was assigned this past week to the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee for deliberation.

Columbia considers natural gas to fuel city, private vehicles by Ben Harms, Columbia Missourian

The city is questioning whether or not to buy a new fleet of garbage trucks powered by natural gas. The city currently uses diesel-powered garbage trucks. If the fleet is purchased, a new alternative fuel station where private vehicles could refuel with cheaper compressed natural gas would be build, most likely near U.S. 63 and Interstate 70.



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