Chris Dieterich

Brief Biography: Chris is a first-semester graduate student. His Missourian articles so far have dealt mostly with economic development in and around Columbia. While this interests him, he hopes to start writing more about the people affected by these policies in addition to the policies themselves. He studied history, politics and economics at Regis University in Denver and interned at a weekly paper called Fort Collins Now.

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colo.


My Career Goals: Chris would like to report on the impact major political and economic forces have on real people. He’s still trying to determine how and where he might best like to do that. He’s drawn to the din of big cities but is perhaps more at peace in smaller communities. He hopes his work with the Missourian will help him make these decisions. 

Why Journalism Interests Me: The journalist has both a fascinating and challenging job. At it’s core, the work is about finding out what’s going on and telling the community its own stories. Many times the task is simply to chat with someone and try to understand what his/her life is like. Other times the work can involve asking hard questions or gleaning essential facts from thick documents. Every story is different. The pressure of the looming deadline and the continual quest for accuracy and fairness in reporting means a journalist’s craft always has room to improve. 

Other Interests: Chris tries to spend time outdoors hiking, camping or biking when he can. He tried “caving” once here in Missouri and found it to be similar to hiking, except for that it was underground and quite dark.

My Portfolio


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